The War Within Trumps Inside Out

We just got back from a pre-release screening of Inside Out, Pixar's look inside our minds. We enjoyed it very much, just not as much as Brett Varvel's The War Within, which took numerous awards last year, looking instead into our souls.

My preference lies mainly in the fact that, according to Inside Out our emotions are running the show. In The War Within, Emotion is just one of the six main characters that govern our thought-life. He's joined by Mind, Memory, Will, Conscience, and Heart. These elements all come into play in Inside Out, but they're not the decision makers.

Also, The War Within has a fantastic faith component, which is completely missing from Inside Out.

That being said, Inside Out does have a wonderful Christ moment, and the whole film is certainly enjoyable. It also has some deep insights into who we are. It was interesting to look into various people's minds and see who was running the show: Eleven-year-old Riley, whose mind is the set for most of the main plot, is run by Joy from birth. For her mother it's Sadness. For her Father it's Anger.  I'm glad we're not run by our emotions since "The heart is deceitful above all things..." But I do like the picture of choosing which emotion takes the lead.

If you like Inside Out, I highly recommend that you order the one that came first: The War Within.

Christians should know:
* Cartoon violence
* Anger wants to use a curse word, but, thankfully, never gets to do that


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Gary Varvel said...

Rich and Joyce, thanks for noticing the similarities. And thanks for spreading the word about The War Within.

Gary Varvel
co-writer, producer and actor in The War Within