Photos from Alistair Begg's Church

About a month ago I got to perform at Alistair Begg's church. This performance was the answer to a five-year prayer, which started when friends dropped by my office in NYC before a performance at Carnegie Hall. They said their pastor, Alistair Begg, may be interested in hosting Beyond the Chariots, so I sent them home with a DVD for him. When another friend contacted me about performing at her church near Cleveland she asked which play I'd like to do. I told her Beyond the Chariots, since I thought there was a chance Alistair may attend. The next thing I knew I was booked into Parkside Church! Here are some photos from my performance there:
I got a chance to share about Beyond the Mask after the show.

Here are the rest: Beyond the Chariots at Parkside Church.

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