Mkulunqanda: The Great Beginner

The following video is put together from Rich Swingle's performance of this piece on Harmon Schmelzenbach, the first Nazarene missionary in Swaziland, at the Metro New York District Assembly and at Westchester Chapel Church of the Nazarene:

Here's the rest of the service at Westchester Chapel: Dependence on the Lord Alone.

In 2007 Rich portrayed CB Jernigan, who founded our District: From the Prairie Schooner in Texas to a City Flat in New York.

For more information on how Protestant

More photos of the District Assembly
performance starting here.
Swazi (siSwati) translations for "Mkulunqanda: The Great Beginner" by Mfundisi Sir Nkhosi, Swaziland (now The Kingdom of eSwatini).

Based on The Missionary Prospector by Harmon's wife, Lula Schmelzenbach (no copyright), and other research.

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