You Shall Have No Other gods Before Me

Joyce opens the service with prayer. Dr. Linda Warren teaches on Exodus 20:1-3, also addressing Joshua 24:14-28Pastor Jim Warren prayed over the teaching.

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Here is a short film I wrote to illustrate this teaching. It was produced by the students of the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp, where I taught and coached the actors.

I was introduced to Rabi Maharaj, who used to be worshiped as a guru. Eventually he became disillusioned and gave his life to Jesus Christ. In his book Death of a Guru, Maharaj defines yoga:
Literally "yoking," it refers to union with Brahman... If one desires to achieve physical fitness only, exercises designed for that specific purpose ought rather to be chosen. No part of yoga can be separated from the philosophy behind it.
In the documentary Gods of the New Age, Maharaj says, "There is no Hinduism without yoga and there is no yoga without Hinduism."

This entire teaching is outstanding, but if you want to jump to the section on yoga, click here.

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Rich Swingle said...

Here's a Washington Post article about concern for yoga in public schools: Conservative legal groups are suing public school yoga and mindfulness programs. This explains why.