Our poster was miraculously in the main
lobby of AMC Empire. It could have gone
anywhere in the labyrinth of 25 screens.
I played the adult male lead role of Mitchell Little in the feature-length music video, Providence, which had a limited nationwide theatrical release through AMC Independent, which opened Valentine's Weekend, 2016. It's now won or been nominated for over 80 awards.

One of the venues was the historical AMC Empire Theatre on Times Square.  Click here to see how that was an answer to an eight-year prayer.

It's now beginning to roll out across the land, and you can schedule a screening in your area.

It's now available on DVD and digital download.

On February 12th and 13th, I was joined for a Q and A by actors Stacey Bradshaw (Touched by Grace) and Emily Knapp (The Good Book) who play Teen and Young Rachel, Apolonia Davalos (The Perfect Wedding) who plays Beautiful Woman at Church, as well as Jenn Gotzon (Frost/Nixon).

Providence is a charming modern silent film from the makers of The Good Book, their first silent film, which has been nominated for 21 awards and has won over half of those. Providence has already won three awards at the Faith Film Fest: "Best Story," "Best Directing," and "Best Lyrical Music!"

The story is only told through movement and brand new songs written for this film. I like to call it a feature-length montage.

I play the adult version of a character who has known a girl most of his life. Circumstances and shyness have kept them apart, but the Lord brings them together in His timing. I loved being a part of this charming film because it’s such a beautiful picture of how the Lord is at work in bringing couples together. I’m so pleased with the final result, and I love that its theatrical release means more people will see God’s love on film!

It premiered in Franklin, TN, on November 8.

Christians may want to know:
The Dove Association rates it "Faith-Friendly" for ages 12 and over. You can read more details here: Providence.

Director, Sharon Wilharm, wrote about how the film came into existence: You're Invited on Our Filmmaking Journey.

I was in Nashville over three weekends, and the dailies were looking great!

In the run-up to the February 12 nationwide release through AMC Independent they are releasing a series of music videos:

Here's a rough cut of my character's proposal scene:

Interviews from the premiere:


Cindy Palin said...

This is great news Rich. So excited, and will be following all events closely!

Rich Swingle said...

And I can't wait to hear your contribution, Cindy!

Johnathan Schutz said...

I have to say that I am very glad to have attended the premiere of Providence yesterday. I was very impressed by the film and its unique form of storytelling. The amount of emotional subtlety conveyed by both the writing and the acting without the use of sound design or dialogue was excellent, and the production came together well to bring an impactful story about the grand orchestration of God in the microcosm of a couple’s love story.

Rich Swingle said...

Cindy Palin, I LOVE the song you've contributed!

Rich Swingle said...

One thing that distinguishes this feature film is that it is silent with only well placed music. However, the acting is so vivid you will feel that you are hearing every word. ... The adult Mitchell played by Rich Swingle has found his calling. He is a pastor. ... The scenes of Mitchell carrying out his pastoral duties are perfectly done and a must for any who feel called to take that role. ... Very striking is Mitchell in prayer and you know he is praying about and for Rachel.
--Point North Tidings
Providence: A Valentine Treat Coming February 12, 2016

Rich Swingle said...

Honestly, enough cannot be said for all the actors present in this story, as again, there isn’t a single moment of speaking, and therefore it all has to come together through the actions each character takes. Each incarnation of life presented for Rachel and Mitchell is wonderfully dramatized, and the unfolding beauty of their first meeting as children to the moment of “yours forever” connection as adults is a wonder to watch through both the acting and the varying music that follows their journey lyrically and/or stylistically. ... Tapken and Swingle finish things as the adults in such a profoundly honest and frank way that the viewer cannot help but be entranced by all the events that lead them to the pivotal moments in their coming together.
One Film Fan
Indie Film Review "Providence"

Anonymous said...

From an IMDb review:

...Pause a moment and indulge in the simplicity of the story. Two young lives intertwined through time. Needs, hardships, aspirations, hopes, all apparent with visual effect and tied to the audience through familiarity. Aspects of our own behaviors highlighted one scene at a time. We feel for the child, the teen, the young adult, the middle aged man and woman who in the perfect timing only designed by the ultimate One above, hope to find His providence in full in the end. This picture is surely worth a thousand words, and yet can be told without one. Support Wilharm and the Providence cast in this faith-based film for all ages.

Full review.

Rich Swingle said...

Imagine watching a movie but instead of hearing the dialogue, we must cultivate it ourselves. Although we all view the same scenes, each of us insert something unique to the story. We create conversations based on our own past experiences and knowledge. A kind grandmother in one scene expresses familiar words of love and wisdom because we’ve heard those words from someone significant in our own lives. Or we have hoped and dreamed of hearing them. Such is the case in the the Faith Flix Film, Providence, set to release February 12, 2016...
A Movie Review of Faith Flix Film: Providence
by Sally Matheny
Full review.

Rich Swingle said...

Refreshed Magazine: "‘Providence’ gives a lesson in hope and faith"

Rich Swingle said...

One Film Fan: In Their Own Words: Actor Rich Swingle of “Providence”

Rich Swingle said...

Here's our press release: 'Providence': Modern Silent Film Tells Old-Fashioned Love Story"

Rich Swingle said...

Each keep the characters true to form which makes the transition throughout the decades believable.
Cindy Navarro: Reviews and Commentary
Full review.

Rich Swingle said...

IMDb Picks: February Indie Releases

Rich Swingle said...

The Salvation Army's Intersection of Faith and Life: The Return of Silent Films?

Rich Swingle said...

IMDb Front page

Rich Swingle said...

Providence serenades you through familiar places in your heart of emotions in this powerful yet simple story of God's greatest gift: Love.
--Gail Metzbower
Up2Me Radio Show Host

Rich Swingle said... asked which of six films you'd like to see Valentine's Weekend. If you have a moment, give Providence a vote!

Rich Swingle said...

Both the teenaged actors (Josh Allen and Stacey Bradshaw) and the 40-ish adults (Juli Tapken and Rich Swingle) deliver low-key, natural performances. People unused to communicating emotions without words might be tempted to overact, but they don’t.
--Lawrence Toppman
Read the whole review here: ‘Providence’ takes us silently into a sweet story
The Charlotte Observer

Rich Swingle said...

The Hot Pink Pen, a blog on women filmmakers, had great things to say: Providence.

Rich Swingle said... How a Silent Film Shares the Gospel.

Rich Swingle said...

With an eclectic choice of music to set the tone for each scene, no words are spoken, leaving the audience to interpret the actions and music in a way that is different for each individual.
--Cheryl Wicker
Full story: Silent Film Tells a Story That Spans Decades

Rich Swingle said...

The NYC Movie Guru gave Providence almost 10 out of 10 for heart.

Rich Swingle said...

World Magazine Review.

Rich Swingle said...

For the International Christian Film Festival, Juli Tapken, was nominated for Best Actress in a Feature Film and Sharon Wilharm is up for Best Director in a Feature Film. Providence was also selected for Best Picture.

Rich Swingle said...

Click here for reviews IMDb is tracking.

Joyce Swingle said...

Providence made the list of Best 2016 Romantic Films.

Rich Swingle said...

I was interviewed for Faith Filled Family Magazine: New Award Winning Christian Movie More Than “Providence”.

Christine Simpson said...

This is a BEAUTIFULLY made silent film, that touches the hearts and souls of everyone. The music is amazing and so carefully rendered to each scene with a mastery that I've not seen previously by an indie filmmaker on an "indie budget." I love this movie so much! I especially love the song "Walking Stories," performed by Jilian Linklater, an up and coming musician from Nashville! This world needs more quality films like Providence.

Rich Swingle said...

Our director, Sharon Wilharm, talked about the film and how we got it into the AMC Empire Theatre on Times Square in this interview. She starts talking about Providence at 18:00.

Unknown said...

RIch, I loved how genuinely you and the other cast told this story...made it real, resonated integrity...and just with body language! Wow! I'll be honest...there were parts of this film that were emotionally difficult to watch, such as the scenes where the parents were clearly not invested in the lives of Mitchell and Rachel (oh, that hurt my maternal heart) and the struggles Rachel had with sin in her teen years. But that means the acting was impactful! To see the redemption arc of Rachel and the Hand of God in bringing together Mitchell and Rachel was so satisfying. What a sweet story!