The Spiritual Lives of Characters

Today I'm speaking at the Christian Worldview Guild about "Exploring the Spiritual Lives of Your Characters" as a part of their Acting Track.

Here are references and links to some of the things I mentioned:

Audience members who are highly transported often experience attitude and belief changes in line with those expressed or demonstrated in the story.” 

Green, M.C., & Carpenter, J.M. (2011). Transporting into narrative worlds: New directions for the scientific study of literature. Scientific Study of Literature

Kansas State University’s Department of Hospitality Management and Dietetics video: Caroline's Story

Patricia Mauceri (Spiritual Lives of Characters):

John Langlois (Spiritual Lives of People):

Seasons of Gray:

Our actor who explored the spiritual life of Joseph/Grady was Greg Tull.

Now taking applications for the filmmaking program at the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp and sign-ups for Engage Rio.


NarnianWarHorse said...

Hello Mr. Swingle!

Here's the reminder for links to these places:
-The Grace Card movie
-Beyond The Mask movie

Thanks for a great session this afternoon at the Christian Worldview Film Festival 2015! That will really stick with me when I work on anything character related myself. Looking forward to more great sessions!!

Rich Swingle said...

Thanks so much!!!

P.S. Here's the link for Beyond the Mask:, and if you're near New York City visit