Old Fashioned

I clapped and cheered so loudly when I saw this trailer. We're heading out now to see it on Times Square...

We just loved it. I've been praying for a film like this for decades. It lays out the principles which helped Joyce and I build a fantastic marriage that has been getting better and better as the years go by.

Seems it's answering a great many prayers! It broke the box office record for per screen: Over $1M in less than 300 theaters!

After it was over we struck up a conversation with two single women sitting behind us. They were concerned because it seemed that the man and the woman in the movie were unequally yoked.

This was a concern of mine as well, and it was the only thing that kept me from bursting out with applause at the end. But my brilliant bride pointed out that he was not in a grace-based relationship with the Lord at the start of the movie. Through the course of the story we see her digging into Scripture, breaking her old patterns, and leading him in a path of truly accepting Christ's forgiveness. Though the movie doesn't make it clear, there is a strong sense in which they will both enter marriage as Believers.

Looking at it another way, I pointed out to the women we met in the theatre, that by following the principles of building a friendship first, the man allowed the woman to fall in love with the One who made the man so special.

We ended up praying with those young women right there in the Times Square theater,  quite loudly once the ads for the next showing began. We prayed they would find men who respected them the way the man in the film respected the woman.

Rated PG-13 for some thematic material.

Christians might want to know:
* A dreamcatcher is displayed
* Characters are shown drinking alcohol and in various states of sobriety
* A woman dances suggestively and starts to strip (but doesn't get very far)
* A video series is mentioned several times, and it is suggested that in the videos college women strip. Clips from one of the videos are shown and heard, but there is no nudity.
* Past sexual lives are discussed clinically

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