Bev Holloway to address students of the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp

Beverly Holloway has agreed to meet with students of the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp via video conference. She'll talk about her work as a casting director and then field questions from our students. Beverly is known for her work on The Ultimate Gift (starring Abigail Breslin and James Garner), Like Dandelion Dust (starring Barry Pepper and Academy Award-winner Mira Sorvino), and the upcoming Beyond the Mask (starring John Rhys-Davies). 

I first had Bev work with my students in 2008, and I was impressed with her 30-some credits. The list has now grown to 56! Bev is a genius at what she does, and is so filled with joy. She's always a delight. She has often considered my students for her projects, and I know that two of them were being strongly considered for the lead role in a major project. 

The video conference is available exclusively to those registered for the camp.

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