You're nearer to seeing Jesus than ever before

Some of those special moments of my career have been ones that I've looked forward to for months or years: Performing Beyond the Chariots for Eric Liddell's family, performing Off-Broadway with Roger Nelson--one of the fellows who inspired me to this career--the first time I walked into a theater for a film in which I performed. Others sneak up out of nowhere, like this morning:

Rich Swingle portraying Jesus in Journey to the Garden
in Aman, Jordan.
I portrayed Jesus for Treasure Seekers, complete with robe and prayer shawl from Jerusalem. After I was done I went back to the sanctuary where I'd stashed my street clothes. As I walked in the door, Pastor Jim Warren stopped his sermon and said, "Are you saying something that I need to know about?" I shook my head, "no," not having any idea that just before I opened the door he said, "You're nearer today to seeing Jesus than ever before." Hearing the sermon later, as you can below, I wish we could have planned something, but only the Lord knew what the timing would be. I hope you'll take the time to listen to the whole sermon, which is absolutely superb, especially if you're dealing with something that keeps you repeatedly going back to the Lord for forgiveness. If time is short, you can get a sense of how amazing the timing of my entrance was starting at 32min, 40sec.

Pastor Jim preaches on Romans 13: 11-14. In a culture where the concept of shame is becoming a thing of the past, Pastor Jim gives insight into walking in right relationship with the One who gave his all so that we can live eternal life now, reflecting his holiness through our lives.

The giving of shoe boxes to Operation Christmas Child was led by John and Adrienne C. Here's the profoundly moving video they shared...

Opening and closing call to pray for protection on our nation and reading from Joel 2:12-17 by Pastor Joyce Swingle.  The closing prayer is by Adrienne C.

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