Shrimp and Lions

I made shrimp and grits for our church's men's group this morning. Even better was Pastor Randy's lesson on Daniel in the Lion's Den. I've loved that story since I was a boy, but Pastor Randy helped us see it in a whole new light!

Daniel's Answer to the King
Briton Rivère (1890)
Manchester Art Gallery
Speaking of light, he brought in a painting I've long loved of Daniel looking peacefully out the window of the lion's den. What struck me afresh was that Daniel was arrested because he was praying out the window toward Jerusalem. The artist didn't portray Daniel praying desperately for his own life but peacefully for the people he loved. It also struck me fresh that Daniel was "executed" because laws were put into place that forbade him to worship the Lord according to the convictions of his heart, something that's happening in various regions today...

Soon taking applications for the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp and Engage Rio.

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