The Identical

I was sobbing, touched in the deep places of my soul by The Identical. It's a brilliant picture of the search for identity that can only be found in the Lord, inspired by the stillborn twin brother of Elvis Presley. It's a look at what might have happened if that twin was raised by another family.

The writing, acting, cinematography, art design was all top shelf. Ray Liotta, who also executive produced, played the adoptive father of the main character and turned in a tour de force performance. I couldn't believe it when I saw that Blake Rayne, who plays the title role, has never performed in a film before. What a breakout!

So why is secular press dismissing this gem? Joyce thinks it's because their hearts are hardened. Their souls can't feel a thing. If this film had a secular message it would be touted as the next Forrest Gump.

I'm pretty sure, as souls are stirred, the word is going to get out, and this will be the sixth Christian film of 2014 to break the $10M mark at the box office.

Rated PG. Christians might also want to know:
* drinking and smoking depicted
* "hell" is used as an expletive
* some suggestive dancing
* a few punches are thrown

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