Interviews on The Dove

Last week I was interviewed for radio and television on The Dove, and it just posted:

I talked about our work in Russia during the Winter Olympics, the MasterWorks Festival and Alone Yet Not Alone, the film in theaters right now in which I play a land speculator.

I mentioned the resurrection theme in Shakespeare's plays, and according to Sean Benson it can be found in fourteen, as he explains in Shakespearian Resurrection: The Art of Almost Raising the Dead.

Bruce Broughton and Dennis Spiegel were nominated for "Best Song" at the Oscars for "Alone Yet Not Alone," before it was rescinded. You can hear the song and find out more at

Here's my previous interview on the show...

Here are links I've mentioned in other interviews:

MasterWorks Festival
MasterWorks Festival Theatre Program
Report from Last Year's MasterWorks Festival Theatre Program
Freud's Last Session (for performances in LA with Judd Hersch and Tom Cavanaugh)
Freud's Last Session (for performance rights through Samuel French)
Beverly Holloway (casting director that has spoken at MasterWorks)
Joyce Swingle
Nazarene position on ordination of women
Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Times Square Church
Hillsong NYC
Mastermedia (LA/NYC)
Nations Where I've Performed
Our Performing Arts Troupe for the Sochi Winter Olympics
Christians in Theatre Arts
Eric Metaxas' Testimony
Our Adventures During past Olympics
My Films
My Plays

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