Amp up your World Cup experience!

For the Glory, in which I play soccer coach to Olympian Kurt Kuykendall, is now available for digital download. Invite World Cup fans over to see this inspiring story of a failed basketball player who became a world-class goalie.

If you're anywhere near Winona Lake, Indiana (halfway between Fort Wayne and South Bend), Pittsburgh or New York City, I hope you'll attend the MasterWorks Festival Theatre Department production of Much Ado About Nothing: and Our students are hilarious! South Hills Church of the Nazarene is hosting the play as the culmination of their 50th anniversary celebration, putting the emphasis on the celebration of marriage. 

On the way into the theater to see Alone Yet Not Alone I stopped my bride Joyce and said, "We've been praying for years for this moment." So we stopped and praised the Lord for my first nationwide theatrical release!  I play a land speculator, and the Academy Award nominated film is still playing in a few theaters. Catch it while you can. 

Faculty Devotional: Into All the World!

Here are links to the things I'm talking about in today's faculty devotion.

Penn Jillette: "How much do you have to hate someone not to share what you believe?" 
Hollywood Reporter interview with Emmy winner Tony Hale: Tony Hale on 'Arrested 
Development': 'It Didn't Satisfy Me' Like I Expected 
Peter Hitchens: The Rage Against God
Our performance in Sochi during the Winter Olympics:

Getting to Powerful Prayer

Pastor Joyce Swingle preached on Mark 4:35-5:20 for the lunchtime faculty devotion at the MasterWorks Festival.

If you've been blessed by the ministry of Westchester Chapel we'd be blessed by any contribution, which could help us continue our work for the Lord.

Other Options

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Soon taking applications for the MasterWorks Festival theatre program: Training and performances in IN, PA and NYC, including an Off-Broadway theatre!

Interviews on The Dove

Last week I was interviewed for radio and television on The Dove, and it just posted:

I talked about our work in Russia during the Winter Olympics, the MasterWorks Festival and Alone Yet Not Alone, the film in theaters right now in which I play a land speculator.

I mentioned the resurrection theme in Shakespeare's plays, and according to Sean Benson it can be found in fourteen, as he explains in Shakespearian Resurrection: The Art of Almost Raising the Dead.

Bruce Broughton and Dennis Spiegel were nominated for "Best Song" at the Oscars for "Alone Yet Not Alone," before it was rescinded. You can hear the song and find out more at

Here's my previous interview on the show...

Here are links I've mentioned in other interviews:

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Jesus Is the Reason We're Here

Joyce gave the opening message at the MasterWorks Festival on John 1:35 - John 2:11, which includes Jesus calling his disciples and the wedding at Cana.

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The Gift of the Gospel

Pastor Joyce Swingle preaches on Romans 5:12-20. Musical background by Bill H.

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