God's Not Dead surprises box office

God's Not Dead was number five at the box office for it's opening weekend. That's impressive even without the fact that it was only in 780 theatres and all the films that came in ahead of it were in more than 3,000. It's per theatre take was number one.

Joyce and I loved this film. Even Huffington Post admitted that, "The dramatic context of the script and the talent of the cast could make it entertaining for anyone."

I performed in Memoirs of a Prodigal Son, in which Kevin Sorbo (a lead character in God's Not Dead) played the father of the prodigal, so I'm hoping the success of God's Not Dead will help raise awareness of our film, directed by my former student, Nathan Clarkson.

There is definitely an audience for films with an unashamedly Christian message. Someone commented on the Huffington Post article that messages should be sent by FedEx, not by movies. All movies have messages. This one just happens to have a great one: God's Not Dead.

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Rich Swingle said...

Its place at the box office for its first five weeks was 5, 5, 4, 7, 10.