The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah

We just watched Donald James Parker's The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah, in which Joyce and I play husband and wife.

It was shown on Daystar Television Network, but you can order the DVD now.

The Dove Foundation gave it a great review: Dove Family-Approved. The review said, "This one has earned five Doves, our best rating."

We're so pleased to be a part of this film that boldly speaks Truth.

I wrote that last sentence months before The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah was nominated for seven Truth Awards: Best Film, Best Director (Chip Rosetti),  Best Original Screenplay (Donald James Parker won), Best Inspirational Story (won), Best Supporting Actor (Jeff Rose won), Best Supporting Actress (Donna Botts), and Best Actor (Rich Swingle). It also won Best Evangelistic Film at the GloryReelz Christian Film Festival.

Joyce mentioned our experience with the project:

That is from a sermon, which you can hear in its entirety here.

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Screenwriter and producer Donald James Parker interviewed me on his show, Wielding the Sword of the Spirit, which has been my most visited blog post.


Donald James Parker said...

What an awesome experience bringing this script to life with Rich and Joyce Swingle! This movie is going to be special.

Rich Swingle said...

It was great working with you and your team, Donald!

Anonymous said...

Rich Swingle... I just now realized that I saw you on TV the other night...and did not even realize it was you.

Although I am not that familiar with who you are...I have seen you in the trailer for The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah. Just now...I was watching your reel... (after reading your eCard) and was so surprised when a scene from A Christmas Snow popped up. My mouth dropped open as I remembered watching that movie just the other night...Christmas Eve I believe it was...and at the time I watched it...I did not realize that Claud was played by the same actor (you) that I had seen in that trailer for The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah. What a delightful surprise. I think you are a very talented actor sir.
—Royce Henry
actor: Best Friends Eternally, Best Friends Recycled, Romans XIII

Rich Swingle said...

CFDb Movie Review

Anonymous said...

Hallo. Must say The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah: Super nice. Just watched it. Wow. I'm a pastor and work with youth and teens, and the way the youth were used in the movie was phenomenal and such a blessing. Thanks.
--Nico Bezuidenhout
Secunda, South Africa

Rich Swingle said...

So glad it's reached your continent!