Roger Nelson Recommends the MasterWorks Festival

Roger Nelson performed most of his one-man play The Confession of St. Patrick for a Sunday morning service, an excerpt from his one-man play The Man from Aldersgate at a faculty recital, and coached honors recital winners at The MasterWorks Festival. In his Journal he made the following observations:

I highly recommend the MasterWorks Festival to any young person who is serious about developing his/her talent in music, dance, or theatre. A professional and friendly atmosphere pervades the campus. Most of the students are enrolled in the music program, but the dance and theater programs are just as strong. The faculty are all professional Christian artists, who bring much experience as well as knowledge to the table. Students and faculty take their meals together in the cafeteria. Halfway through the lunch hour a 15-minute devotional is shared by a ... faculty member. In addition to that, Bible study attendance is required three nights a week with faculty members leading the studies. Almost every evening a concert or recital can be heard, giving students and faculty alike the opportunity to perform with the ultimate goal of bringing the love of God and the message of Jesus Christ to the classical performing arts world. 

Roger teamed with me in April of 2006 to rent the same Off-Broadway theatre (Theatre 315) in which The MasterWorks Festival Theatre Program will perform again this July.

You can read more about Roger's worldwide adventures, including his performance at our home church, Westchester Chapel and his reflections on my career, which was inspired by his, in his latest Journal at

Now taking applications for the MasterWorks Festival theatre program: Training and performances in IN, PA and NYC, including an Off-Broadway theatre!

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