The John the Baptist Triptych

After Joyce preached on Zechariah, I preached on Elizabeth. You'll have to hear our sermons to see why she got the guy and I got the gal...

Joyce on Zechariah:

Rich on Elizabeth:

Both preachings were from Luke 1 at Westchester Chapel.

The triptych was completed by Pastor Linda Warren, when she preached on their son, John the Baptist (Luke 3:1-22):

Have a blessed Christmas, everyone!

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Hezir Aguero said...

God bless you Rich! I mean those words more ever before since the Christians in Theatre Arts Conference ( in Puerto Rico last Summer. My brain exploded seeing you perform "La Gente Que Jesús Conoció." I have been keeping up w your postings and was SOOO BLESSED with the preachings done by you and your wife this last Christmas (on Elizabeth and Zachariah). I am inspired by the work you're doing and I truly pray blessings over you and your ministry and your family!
--Hezir Aguero
Rochester, NY