Princess Cut

For about twenty years I've wanted to be a part of a project that tells the power of purity in building a fantastic marriage. Fall of 2013 that prayer was answered when I was cast in Princess Cut.

Joyce and I got to see three rough cuts of the film at various stages, and and then I saw it at the 2015 Christian Worldview Film Festival, where it took Runner Up for Best Feature and Runner Up for Audience Choice. Then it was screened at the Salvation Army's TAM Conservatory where I was teaching and directing.

After a theatrical-on-demand release it is now available on DVD and Video on Demand:

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Princess Cut Official Website
With German Subtitles

I performed the role of Nigel Livengood, a suave realtor. It was filmed in the Winston-Salem, NC, area. Principle photography was originally slated for earlier in the year, but the Lord's timing brought gorgeous fall foliage to enhance the already beautiful backdrop.

It's a fabulous, moving and important film!

In the article "Princess Cut Heads Into Post-Production" in Christian FilmJenn Gotzon calls this team “The most excellent production crew I have ever worked with on a faith-based film. In the production, in the coordination, in the communication, in all the pre-development, to on set through all the departments, they ran as excellently as Ron Howard’s Oscar nominated crew [Gotzon appeared in Ron Howard's Frost/Nixon in 2008]."

Photo by Jillian Bowen. © Copyright 2013 by Princess Cut.


Rich Swingle said...

I worked with Paul Munger, the director/producer, when I played Forrest "Woodsy" Woods on The Screenwriters. Also from The Screenwriters were Jenn Gotzon, Jillian Bowen, Felicia Goebel, David Cook, Christy (Cook) and Spencer Weaver (who were courting by the time I worked with Christy on Beyond the Mask and now they're married with a baby!), and Rebekah Cook (this was our eighth film together). Most of the Screenwriters folks were also on Alone Yet Not Alone. From Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods' there was Rusty Martin, Daniel Stibral and Mary Smit (who did the makeup for Sean Astin in Mom's Night Out). Mary, Rusty and his dad, Rusty Sr., were all in Courageous, and Mary worked on the last three Sherwood pictures. My friend Torry Martin, a stand-up comedian I've known since we both performed at the Christian Music Association event at Estes Park, CO, in the late '90s, is also in the cast. My filming days fell between Jenn and Torry, but it was great to reconnect with so many friends and make many more.

Rich Swingle said...

Here's a Review:

And here's their review of the lead, Ashley Bratcher: Rising Star Ashley Bratcher: From "Princess Cut" To "90 Minutes In Heaven".

Rich Swingle said...

Here's the Dove review.

Rich Swingle said...

Here's an article about Princess Cut in Set Apart Girl: "God Is the Creator of Love and Romance."

Rich Swingle said...

Princess Cut won Second Place for an Independent Feature at the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival.