Living the Life: Choices series review

Rich Swingle led a special service, which included a review of our Living the Life: Choices sermon series. What you'll hear was preceded by small groups reviewing and reporting on their favorite passages from "The Sermon on the Mount", the text we've been covering in the series so far: Matthew 5:3-7:12.

Here's the full quote by Randall Flinn, artistic director of Ad Deum Dance Company:
I learned today that in order to live a transformational life that I first must learn to live a sacramental life. So what is sacramental living? It is living in the remembrance and to the honor of a greater Sacrifice, broken, shed and given for me. It is for me to receive from that Living Communion and also to give from its same mystery. This majestic Grace which incarnates itself, even in a vessel of flesh, bids me to sup, to be filled, and to pour out. What sweet communion indeed! (On his Facebook Timeline)
And here's the study that shows Christianity in China will double in 6.6 years: The Top 20 Countries Where Christianity is Growing the Fastest.

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