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NEW YORK, NY (August 8, 2013) – Whether you are a filmmaker, contributor, viewer or investor, Olive Tree Pictures (OTP) is the place where you can make a world of difference throughout the world.

OTP is a new, online venue offering first-run documentaries produced both by Olive Tree and other documentary filmmakers. In each case, the focus is on telling true, life-transforming stories in countries everywhere, including Botswana, Haiti, India, Slovakia and more.

For organizations, OTP offers professional production, filming and post-production services at considerable savings.

“The cost is extremely low,” said Pat Denson, director and president of OTP. “We realize nonprofits are struggling to raise donations and so we keep our fees for all services at a minimum. We even allow them to receive donations through our website.

“Independent filmmakers benefit, too. They can use any one or all of our services. If they have a documentary already completed” explained Denson, “they can have it posted on our site. This gives them a chance to air the film and to raise money at the same time.”

“Funds donated through the OTP website are divided equally to make sure each charity benefits,” said Denson. “One-third of every dollar goes to the specific organization. One-third goes to the filmmaker and one-third goes to OTP to maintain the venue.

“It’s a win-win for everyone. People helping other people is what we are all about. The more we help each other, the more we can change the world and make a difference.”

In addition, with the creation of an OTP app and the upcoming launch of a Roku channel, viewers will be given more access to all kinds of life-transforming documentaries. These opportunities will allow OTP to more than triple its audience, according to estimates by company officials.

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(For questions, please call Bruce C. Swaffield at 757.650.7620)
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