Confessions of a Prodigal Son

Confessions of a Prodigal Son, in which I play a homeless man in LA, is now available in theaters and on DVD. It was written and produced by Nathan Clarkson, one of my former students. He also plays the lead role! 

Kevin Sorbo (Hurcules, God's Not Dead) will play a pastor, and another former student, Nathan's brother Joel Clarkson, is the composer. Go Clarksons! Also, Nathan wrote a song for the closing credits.

I fed the homeless once a week for about four years, so I have some personal stories that helped my prep. One guy owned a trucking business, but he got hooked on crack and lost the business, his family and his home. Another was drunk every time I saw him. I think that was his normal. I also did my masters thesis at a drug and alcohol recovery center. They were all sober, but they had lots of stories. They all touched me deeply, so I hope my portrayal is respectful.

Christians may want to know:
*College students drinking and doing drugs
*Mention of yoga
*Mention of hooking up and implication of pre-marital sex
*Some uses of "gosh" could be mistaken for taking the Lord's name in vain

These elements are a a part of telling how the prodigal son "...squandered his property in reckless living."

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