MasterWits in World

World Magazine just came out with an article on the MasterWorks Festival, "Performers with a Purpose". 

It features an interview with theatre faculty Patricia Mauceri. The featured photo in the article features actors from our theatre program: Seth G. Antes, Esh Ryans, Cody Arn, Tiffany Rott, Craig Fairbanks and Robyn E. Haley.

There is a radio program in which you can hear an interview with Patricia Mauceri: Culture Friday and MasterWorks’ cultural training | July 12, 2013. The segment on MasterWorks begins about half way through the program.

Confessions of a Prodigal Son

Confessions of a Prodigal Son, in which I play a homeless man in LA, is now available in theaters and on DVD. It was written and produced by Nathan Clarkson, one of my former students. He also plays the lead role! 

Kevin Sorbo (Hurcules, God's Not Dead) will play a pastor, and another former student, Nathan's brother Joel Clarkson, is the composer. Go Clarksons! Also, Nathan wrote a song for the closing credits.

I fed the homeless once a week for about four years, so I have some personal stories that helped my prep. One guy owned a trucking business, but he got hooked on crack and lost the business, his family and his home. Another was drunk every time I saw him. I think that was his normal. I also did my masters thesis at a drug and alcohol recovery center. They were all sober, but they had lots of stories. They all touched me deeply, so I hope my portrayal is respectful.

Christians may want to know:
*College students drinking and doing drugs
*Mention of yoga
*Mention of hooking up and implication of pre-marital sex
*Some uses of "gosh" could be mistaken for taking the Lord's name in vain

These elements are a a part of telling how the prodigal son "...squandered his property in reckless living."

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The Price of Life

I'll be performing my one-man play A Clear Leading as a part of The New York City PRICE OF LIFE INVITATIONAL, a city-wide, campus-based, faith-inspired campaign addressing human trafficking in all its forms, spearheaded by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in partnership with 75+ diverse organizations. My performance will take play October 8, 7pm, at City College.

Another Great Conservatory

My great team at TAM.
I got to teach, direct and perform at the Salvation Army's TAM Conservatory for what I believe to be my ninth year. It's been going 13 years, and the only times I've missed it was to perform in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in '07, during the Olympics in '08 and '12. It was, as it is every year, a phenomenal experience! 

A highlight for me was when some of us went into the city early to look for some shoes for our sketch. The rest of the group was held up in traffic, so we were able to put together a short program for the rehab center, where we'd planned to perform. The main group did arrive, about half way through the program we'd put together, and it was just a fantastic experience of life in the Spirit! 

We took our theme from Brennan Manning's book Posers, Fakers & Wannabes. It was based on a chapter in Manning's book Abba's Child, which I read when I was in my 20's. It radically transformed how I lived. I no longer saw my work and art as something that might earn more love and respect from the Lord and those around me. Instead I accepted that I'm completely and unconditionally loved by the Creator of the universe, which frees me to live out his callings on my life with joy unhindered. 

If an atheist was hanging out for our closing ceremonies the presence of God flowing through the love that was in that room would have melted skepticism like wax. 

Here's my report from this morning at our church, Westchester Chapel:

Already looking forward to next year!

Watch Joyce and I play the parents of nine...

Seeking or Missing Out

Pastor Joyce Swingle preached on Matthew 7:7-11.

Her husband, Rich, gave a report on how the Lord moved at the Salvation Army performing arts conservatory, where he taught, directed and performed last week.

Pastor Joyce shares about how their 10-year prayer was answered for a space at housing subsidized for performing artists. You can see a photo of their miraculous view at

For more information on "The Great Soviet Awakening" click the image of the book cover. For information on our trip to Russia for the Winter Olympics visit

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WCCC Worship 8/18/13 by RichS on Grooveshark
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Watch Joyce and I play the parents of nine...

Reach the audience and change lives

NEW YORK, NY (August 8, 2013) – Whether you are a filmmaker, contributor, viewer or investor, Olive Tree Pictures (OTP) is the place where you can make a world of difference throughout the world.

OTP is a new, online venue offering first-run documentaries produced both by Olive Tree and other documentary filmmakers. In each case, the focus is on telling true, life-transforming stories in countries everywhere, including Botswana, Haiti, India, Slovakia and more.

For organizations, OTP offers professional production, filming and post-production services at considerable savings.

“The cost is extremely low,” said Pat Denson, director and president of OTP. “We realize nonprofits are struggling to raise donations and so we keep our fees for all services at a minimum. We even allow them to receive donations through our website.

“Independent filmmakers benefit, too. They can use any one or all of our services. If they have a documentary already completed” explained Denson, “they can have it posted on our site. This gives them a chance to air the film and to raise money at the same time.”

“Funds donated through the OTP website are divided equally to make sure each charity benefits,” said Denson. “One-third of every dollar goes to the specific organization. One-third goes to the filmmaker and one-third goes to OTP to maintain the venue.

“It’s a win-win for everyone. People helping other people is what we are all about. The more we help each other, the more we can change the world and make a difference.”

In addition, with the creation of an OTP app and the upcoming launch of a Roku channel, viewers will be given more access to all kinds of life-transforming documentaries. These opportunities will allow OTP to more than triple its audience, according to estimates by company officials.

For more information, please contact OTP and also sign up for the monthly newsletter at

(For questions, please call Bruce C. Swaffield at 757.650.7620)