Jesus Loves

Pastor Joyce Swingle led the lunch devotional today at The MasterWorks Festival, teaching on Mark 9:33-37 and Mark 10:13-16. Intro by the Festival's Artistic Director, Dr. Patrick Kavanaugh.

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Choose to Change

Pastor Joyce Swingle opened the MasterWorks Festival speaking on Psalm 62:5-8 (read by Rich Swingle) and Matthew 3:1-12 (read by Barbara Kavanaugh). Opening and prayer by Festival Artistic Director Dr. Patrick Kavanaugh. Testimony, song and prayer by Arturo Osorio. Violin solo by Gert Kumi: Allemande by Johann Sebastian Bach.

This service is available for download free on iTunes, where you can also subscribe to our podcast. Search for "Westchester Chapel" on the iTunes Store.

Unrecorded because of timing and/or copyright restraints: Daniel Paul Horn and Lori Rhoden.

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Trevor the Treasure Seekers in Colorado

Trevor talks about his performance as the American John Gray in the film In His Steps. Other actors and crew talk about searching for the Greatest Treasure ever.

Children 5-10 can join us live this Sunday at 11am in White Plains, NY. Details and more webisodes can be found at

Announcing the cast of Twelve Angry Jurors

We've cast Twelve Angry Jurors for performances at the MasterWorks Festival, in Bethel Park, PA, and NYC (

JUROR TWO: Robyn Haley
JUROR FOUR: Seth Garrett Antes
JUROR SIX: Christina Doerr
JUROR SEVEN: Lluvia Ilusion Almanza
JUROR EIGHT: Christy Vest
JUROR NINE: Tiffany Rott
JUROR TEN: Josh Knox
JUROR ELEVEN: Rachel Marley

Stage Manager: Rebekah Cook
Technical Director: Erin Mills