Take Up Your Cross

Our guest preacher today at Westchester Chapel works in a region which is closed to the Gospel, so for the safety of all involved in that work we didn't record the message. It was based on Matthew 16:13-28, which I dramatized during the service. That performance is mixed with my performance of a similar sketch at Ceasarea Philippi in the following video:

Here are a few approved notes from the sermon:
The stories of people taking up their cross to follow Jesus was so inspiring! The speaker said that in the West these verses about death to self can be drowned out by the sound of the steam creating out lattes or the contractors renovating our kitchens or the growl of our sports cars or SUVs or the ones we wish we had. The people mentioned in the sermon have given up everything to follow Jesus. Though they have nothing in their society they have everything in the Lord. If Jesus were here right now, which He is, would there be something in your life He might point to and ask you to give it up so you could follow Him more closely? 
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