See Not Today... today

On our way out of the theatre on Times Square we heard two different groups at separate ticket kiosks ask, "Has anyone heard of Not Today?" I was thrilled to tell them, "We just saw it, and it's AMAZING!"

It's the latest film cast by Beverly Holloway, who has been a MasterClass instructor at MasterWorks several times, and in this film, one of her choices will break your heart! Persis Karen plays seven-year-old Annika, a little girl who's single father is struggling to provide for her on the streets of Hyderabad. They are in the Dalit caste, also known as Outcastes or Untouchables. Though the caste system is now illegal in India, it is still perpetuated by India's culture and Hinduism, the source of the system. When someone offers to take Annika to a wonderful place where she'll be well fed and happy the father jumps at the chance. Little does he know he is delivering her into a brothel. The fact that Persis is a Dalit herself makes the impact of this film that much more powerful.

Their world is impacted by Caden Welles (played by Cody Longo), a spoiled young man who has been struggling with his faith since his parents' divorce. He and his friends fly 26 hours to become inebriated. Caden verbally abuses the man and his daughter when they approach him for help. The father says she hasn't eaten for three days. Caden doesn't believe him, but after turning them away he can't sleep. When he does, his dreams tell him something is terribly wrong. He awakes to a discovery that shakes him out of the lethargy his circumstances had allowed, and he risks his life to make things right.

This is the kind of film we've been praying into theatres for years. See if it's playing in your area, and if it's not, do what you can to get it there.

Watch Joyce and I play the parents of nine...

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