Joyce is up for another movie

Joyce and I are auditioning for a film in which we'd love to play husband and wife again. Some of you may not know we did that the first time in the film Indescribable, which will be released on DVD April 6!

I'm building an acting website for Joyce, and I'd love to add some quotes about her acting.

If you have a moment, please submit a comment, followed by the way you'd like your name to appear. For instance:

"She's amazing!"
--Rich Swingle
Actor, Director, Acting Coach
New York City

The more areas of expertise the more it will help lend credibility to her work.

If you need a refresher, here's her performance of her one-woman one-act The Shepherd's Daughter performed in The Shepherd's Cave in Bethlehem: 

Please post your quote below...

Thanks so much for your help!

in Christ alone,

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