Day One of the Film Festival

We're at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival having a ball! There are about 2,000 people here that get it: In order to take back society we must take back the entertainment industry. We feel like we're a part of something that is catching some huge momentum.

This is the theatre where Indescribable and Alone Yet Not Alone will be screened this afternoon and evening: Tonight we heard Steven Kendrick speak. He told how Courageous, which won the $101,000 Jubilee Prize last year has impacted audiences all over the world. When I was in Manila after the '08 Olympics we attended a church where the police chief is a member. He had the entire force read through The Purpose Driven Life. Now we hear they've all watched Courageous, and 1000 officers have given their lives to the Lord after watching it! Indescribable is up for that prize this year. Praying for worldwide impact for whichever film wins!

Besides Indescribable we've run into people from Alone Yet Not Alone, which screens tomorrow evening in the main theatre and in theatres nationwide on April 6, Beyond the Mask, The Screenwriters, Christmas Grace, and the Vetters, pictured here, from Pawn's Move: One of the first people we ran into is Stacey Bradshaw, with whom I'll share some scenes in the upcoming film In His Steps:

Seth plays one of our characters' nine children in Indescribable ( He encourages his siblings to help my character write the hymn "The Love of God".

Looking forward to more connections today!

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