Minor Revisions

Joyce and I were at the Faith Film Festival in Brooklyn last week with our friend Jenn Gotzon, who was in two films with me (Alone Yet Not Alone and The Screenwriters). 

While we were there we heard a producer talk about a show she was doing on a woman who was an atheist that is now a committed Catholic. It's just phenomenal. I wish it was airing on one of the networks at prime time.

Thanks to a technical glitch brought on by more viewers than expected for the premiere's simultaneous web stream, the producers of the show have put it on YouTube in its entirety: http://brandonvogt.com/revisions-youtube/

Also, here's the schedule for the upcoming episodes and rebroadcasts: http://netny.net/minorrevisions/episode_schedule.pdf

Here are the other ways to watch: http://www.conversiondiary.com/my-tv-show

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