Christmas Grace

I play a quirky clerk in Christmas Grace. It's a wonderful story of forgiveness and... well, grace. I sob the whole third act every Season.

You can see it on TV throughout the Christmas Season.

It's also available in Family Christian bookstores across the nation as well as the following online stores and On demand websites:
-Christian Book Distributors
-Koorong Books (Australia)
-New Day Christian
-Vision Video

The director, Keith Perna, worked on Indescribable, though he was done before Joyce and I arrived on set. Three other Indescribable team members worked on Christmas Grace: Adam Terrel, Timothy Jones and Rebekah Cook. Rebekah worked with me on Alone Yet Not Alone, tipped me off to Indescribable, and cast me in The Screenwriters. I was in Detroit early March and got to help with some scenes they were filming, including one with MasterWorks alum Brandon Langeland. There was a bit of a buzz on set about the nice work he was doing, and he gets some great screen time in the trailer.

I also got to catch a ride from set with Daniel Knudsen who was running one of the cameras. He directed a film everyone on the set of Indescribable was raving about: Creed of Gold. Later Daniel picked me up at the Detroit Airport for a Christians in Theatre Arts conference. He asked if I would play the voice of a reporter for Creed of Gold. We pulled into a parking lot, he turned his car into a recording studio, and now I have a credit in the film!
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