The Lamp

We just watched The Lamp, directed by Tracy Trost, who directed me in A Christmas Snow. It is absolutely phenomenal! It stars Academy Award winner Lou Gossett Jr. and my ACS cast mates Muse Watson and Cameron ten Napel. Great work, both of you!

It's a powerful story about how we can believe a lie and wrap our whole world around it as if it's the truth, or we can believe the truth and it will set us free.

I once heard Janet Bachelor, co-writer of Batman Forever, say that when she read The Lord of the Rings it made her search for a world that matched Middle Earth, and what she found was that it only exists in Christianity. That's exactly how I felt about The Lamp. It's the kind of fairy tail that points right to life in the Kingdom.

It's a brilliant story beautifully told.

As a part of the opening sequence you'll see the book version of A Christmas Snow by Jim Stovall, who also penned the novel for The Lamp and The Ultimate Gift. (By the way the film version of The Ultimate Gift was cast by Bev Holloway, who has taught a number of times at MasterWorks.) A couple of other nice touches: The director makes his cameo as the "Handsome Jogger". Danny Cahill, who was the biggest loser on The Biggest Loser, played the food critic in A Christmas Snow, and a guy at the gym in The Lamp. And in both films Jim Stovall, who can't see, plays a driver.

Now I have to get back to that opening sequence: None of the characters spoke for six minutes, but the way the story unfolded without words was masterful.

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