Performing Tribute 9/11

We saw Performing Tribute tonight, featuring Ann Van Hine, who's husband is featured in my play, Five Bells for 9/11. I've talked about 9/11 so many times over the past decade, but tonight is the first time in five years that I really grieved. The last time was when I was prepping for my performance at the five year mark. Now that I'll be prepping for performances again ( I'm sure to be grieving all over again. But it's healing. I didn't realize that my own healing process isn't complete. Our nation and our city certainly have more healing to do. So I'm glad to live that day again, praying that those who need it will join me. One of the performers tonight said that retelling these stories is honoring to the memory of those that were lost. That's another reason I'm glad to grieve again.

There will be several more free performances of Performing Tribute in the NYC area:

I'm also praying for an opportunity to share my play in NYC on 9/11/11, so if you're interested, please contact us:

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LaurenYarger said...

My own grief process for 9/11 has taken years, Rich. Took two before I got past feeling like it had just happened minutes ago, then another four to see the end of the tunnel, another to be at the site and feel almost normal. This year I am going over on the date. Wouldn't have been able to so that before this year. In some ways, I think it will be the final step in my grieving process. Won't ever stop remembering or being changed by it, by finally, after 10 years, I feel like makybe I'm moving forward.