We miss Indescribable!

We just wrapped our work on the film Indescribable, and we're going to miss the wonderful team that has two more days of shooting.

To see us in 3D (Thanks, Adam!) click on the photo to enlarge it, then cross your eyes until our hands come together. If you need help with that, touch the line between the photos and then move your finger toward your nose, keeping your eyes focused on your finger tip. At a certain point the photo will jump into 3D.


Irene said...

A bit fun!!! I tried, but your faces went fuzzy when I go cross-eyed, dunno if it's the 'right' technique xD Fun stuff!

Rich Swingle said...

I've heard from several that crossing your eyes that much is a strain. If you just look at the small image you don't have to go nearly so cross eyed.

Rich Swingle said...

The little image is more blurry to me. When I click on the image and cross my eyes with the larger image it's all clear for me.