I played Frederick Lehman in the film Indescribable, which tells how my character and his kids wrote the hymn "The Love of God". I'm the Papa to nine children, and my beloved bride, Joyce, played the Mama beautifully.

I also got to coach the man playing Rabbi Lazer on his Hebrew.

It was chosen as a semi-finalist for the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF), where it was screened in February 2013. There it also won runner up for best original score. It also won second place over all and best direction at the Gloryreelz Film Festival in May 2013.

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Indescribable Official Movie Trailer from Indescribable The Movie on Vimeo.
It was 106 F outside this "packing
plant" in Bryan, TX. When they
closed the doors,  turned off the fans
and cranked up the lights it had to
be over 120!
Copyright Thorn Crown Project,
photo by Rebekah E. Cook
I played Fredrick Lehman, who was
a pastor, hymn writer, and founder
of Nazarene Publishing House.
Copyright Thorn Crown Project,
photo by Rebekah E. Cook

Joyce and I play parents (or in-laws, or future in-laws, or grandparents)
to them all.
Copyright Thorn Crown Project, photo by Rebekah E. Cook


basel khoury said...

hey, rich, i miss u soo much, im very excited for you, i hope it goes well, how is everything?
.......... basel khoury jordan

John Forbes said...

so cool . .. have a great time you two . . .look forward to seeing it!

Rich Swingle said...

Thanks Basel and John! It's been great! One more scene left. It will be sad to move on, though great things are ahead:

Rich Swingle said...

We're filming in Bryan, TX.

Rich Swingle said...

It will be released April 6, 2013.

Rich Swingle said...

We're showing it at our church on June 1, 2013:

Rich Swingle said...

I just got a call from a family who watched it. The ten year old got on the phone to tell me how much he enjoyed it. I asked him which part he liked best, and he said, "When his mom cried." LOL! The father said they're going to make it a part of their annual Christmas lineup.

Zack, Dawn and children said...

We all watched Indescribable and are so blessed! Our four-year-old said he didn't know why, but it made his eyes drip water. We told him that was because you both did such a good job telling the story. Our 15-year-old went right to the hymnal afterwards and started playing "The Love of God" on the piano. Thank you so much! We seriously hope to see you again.

Susan said...

The movie Indescribable IS "indescribable!" What more can I say?

Rich Swingle said...

I just re-encountered Fredrick Lehman's description of how he found the Lord:

One glad morn­ing about elev­en o’clock while walk­ing up the coun­try lane, skirt­ed by a wild crab-ap­ple grove on the right and an osage fence, with an old white-elm gate in a gap at the left, sud­den­ly Hea­ven let a cor­nu­co­pia of glo­ry de­scend on the ele­ven-year old lad. The wild crab-ap­ple grove as­sumed a heav­en­ly glow and the osage fence an un­earth­ly lust­re. That old white-elm gate with its sun-warped boards gleamed and glowed like sil­ver bars to shut out the world and shut him in with the ’form of the fourth,’ just come in­to his heart. The weight of con­vict­ion was gone and the pae­ans of joy and praise fell from his lips.

Rich Swingle said...

You were outstanding in Indescribable. Such a blessing to watch.
--Jill Jachim
Commerce, MI

Unknown said...

The kids and I just watched "Indescribable," and really enjoyed it! The story was so poignant, and showing the ups/downs, triumphs/trials from the perspective of the children in the Lehman family was impactful. The movie was bittersweet...I cried more than a Mom, it pulled my heartstrings! The look on your face, Rich, at the end when you see wow... spoke volumes. The movie was so uplifting, visually lovely, well paced...we all felt blessed seeing it.