A most extraordinary day

Sometimes days planned with great care can be a bit of a letdown because they couldn't possibly live up to the expectation.

And then there are days like today!

I had planned to fly back from Jackson, MS, in the afternoon in case a booking developed for Sunday morning. It didn't, but I was thrilled to visit Joe Frost's church. He's the one that invited me down to teach and perform at Belhaven University, and he'd told me how they sit around tables, and people can draw on the paper table covers as they're inspired by worship and the Word.

I had sat next to Joe's pastor, Doug, at the dance concert, but since the pastor's wife chairs the dance department we talked mostly about the concert, so I didn't realize he was Joe's pastor until I walked into the church. We struck up a conversation, and he asked if I'd perform something. He was preaching on a passage dealing with obedience, so I offered the Gethsemane scene from Journey to the Garden (www.RichDrama.com/JourneyToTheGarden).

Then a woman took a Compassion packet (www.RichDrama.com/Compassion) though she has no work right now. I told her I'd ask you to pray with us that she'll land a job before the child's packet expires on May 13.

After that, at the church and on the journey to NYC (I actually flew into Newark and drove to Princeton, where I'll teach in the University tomorrow) I was able to express the Love of Jesus to people from Mexico, Korea, the Dominican Republic, and Brooklyn.

The Lord is SO good! Today exceeded my expectations many times over!

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