The Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action

I was part of a panel with Tim Tsang (Moogist) and G. James Daichendt on Arts and Entertainment at the Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action hosted by members at Harvard University.

Christian Union, the organization that is hosting this Congress has 260 students at Princeton University, making it the largest membership of any student organization on campus. Harvard has beaten their growth rate and Yale is beating Harvard. They have a 24/7 prayer room and almost all of the hours are covered. Many of the students fast on a regular basis. The president of Christian Union, Matt Bennett, says the exponential growth and spiritual vitality feel like descriptions of the Great Awakenings.

 Half of the top 150 influencers in the US are from an Ivy League school.

I've never felt so optimistic about the future of the world!

Here's my talk:

These are the resources I planned to mention:
"Answering the Curtain Call", which I wrote in 2002 
"Teaching Kids to Kill" by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
Performing the Sacred: Theology and Theatre in Dialogue (Engaging Culture) by Dale Savidge and Todd E. Johnson
Here are links to organizations I plan to mention:
The Christopher Awards 
Christians in Theatre Arts: 
MasterWorks Festival:
Christians in Visual Arts: 
Here are plays I plan to mention:
Screwtape Letters 
Freud's Last Session  
 My own plays
 Reflections in the Light reviews
Here are films I'm planning to mention:
The Ten Commandments
Ben Hur 
The Passion of the Christ
The Grace Card
My upcoming films 
Soul Surfer 


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