MasterWorks Theatre 2011

I'm very excited to announce our theatre staff lineup for this summer at The MasterWorks Festival.

Curt Cloninger, who gave the very first one-man play I'd ever seen, inspiring me to make a 15 year career of it, will be sharing his play Witnesses on June 27 for the Festival and community.  I got to see the play last summer, and it's phenomenal. It introduces us to people who knew Jesus first hand: witnesses of his walk on earth.  Curt has taken his plays around the world and performed them for live audiences as large as 40,000.  Now he's getting into television work, performing in the Korean sitcom pilot Chin Chens.

Casting director, Bev Holloway, will return for her fourth straight year.  She's worked on over 30 projects, including Like Dandelion Dust with Barry Pepper (nominated for the Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards) and Oscar winner Mira Sorvino.  She just returned from Thailand, casting the upcoming film Trade of Innocents in which Sorvino will also perform.

Colin Harbinson, forty-year veteran of the arts, eduction and mission, is the creator of the internationally performed musical Toymaker and Son.

Patricia Mauceri will return for her seventh straight season.  She's performed alongside Johnny Depp, Christopher Plummer, Richard Dreyfuss, James Earl Jones and many other luminaries on Broadway, film and television.

Susan Sommerville Brown, also back for her seventh season, performed in CATS on Broadway and in the Chicago area for decades.  She's building her credits now as a musical director of shows like CATS, State Fair, Dreamgirls, Little Women, Mulan Jr., Grease and Evita.

This is the Festival's 15th anniversary, and reunion plans are in the works!  In that vein, we're featuring two alumni, who recently earned their masters degrees: Chad Rasor will serve as fight choreographer for our play, Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmond Rostand, and Brandon Langeland will teach improv classes culminating in a highlight of the Festival every year, our theatre improv night which segues into improvised worship and enacted prayer.

All our instructors impart not only their expertise and wisdom in acting for stage and film, but they also share their testimonies as followers of Christ.

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