We just watched Flywheel, the first film by Sherwood Pictures, who later produced Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and their upcoming film, Courageous.

Flywheel was just meant to be shown in a local theatre in the neighborhood of Sherwood Baptist, the church that produced it for $20,000.  Their investment paid off within a few weeks just from showings at that one theatre.

I watched it for two reasons: to see what their first production looked like, and because a good friend said it moved him. It moved me, too!

My dad with his TR3.
It revolves around a used car salesman, who overcharges his customers until he comes face to face with who he's become. The flywheel of a Triumph TR3, has broken, as has the protagonist's center.  Once he brings that into balance he sees miracle after miracle, many of which were based on actual miracles the filmmakers experienced.

The philosophy of Sherwood Pictures is to ask God for his ideas, for his discernment for who to have involved, to make sure their main motive is to please the Lord, and allow Him to bring the fruit.  Seems to be working so far.

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