Opening Weekend for The Grace Card

LOVED THE GRACE CARD! I've seen it twice already because it was that good and to support it opening weekend.  It has a powerful script, great acting, and great production values. We saw it with a fellow who said he grew up around so many atheists he thought there were no intelligent people of faith. He echoed all the positives I just said about the film, and said it confirmed things he's observed over the years: that people with the same values he's grown up with--vis a vis making the world a better place--approach it from a place of genuine faith.  And then we got on the elevator with him the next morning...

Christianity Today just posted an interview with Oscar and multi-Emmy winner, Lou Gossett, Jr.: A Healing Journey, in which he speaks about his role in his upcoming film The Grace Card. I got to hear an interview with makers of the film, and I can't wait to see it. It was created by a church in Memphis that is a part of our denomination: Church of the Nazarene.

Variety, a magazine for decision-makers in Hollywood, led the film review section of its website's home page, saying The Grace Card has "...breakout potential...", and the reaction of The New York Times was one of "...pleasant surprise at it's competence."

The Grace Card was 16th overall at the box office on its opening weekend, and its per screen take was higher than Drive Angry with Nicolas Cage. 

The themes of grace, reconciliation, forgiveness and racial harmony are woven throughout the film about an African-American Nazarene pastor who moonlights as a police officer. He's paired with a white officer who's son was killed by a black drug dealer. Tension runs high in the partnership.  The white officer, played seriously well by Christian comedian Michael Joiner, finds his family unraveling, and as he's begging them, "When will it end?!" tragedy strikes.  The choices made lead to reconciliation and, well, grace.

The film is already bringing racial reconciliation, as some churches are choosing to attend the film with churches of a different ethnicity.  

This weekend will determine how well it will do.  Vote for more films like this by planning to attend with friends.

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WARNING: Bring lots of tissues. Seriously. I was in a bad way without them.

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