Our new church home

At 11 am we signed our lease, at 7 pm we gathered to praise in the unfinished space, and now at 6 am we've gathered to make the move.


Lead Pastor Joyce

My bride, Joyce, was selected as the lead pastor of our church (http://WestchesterChapel.org). Here's her first note to our community...

Dear Westchester Chapel Friends and Family:

As you may have learned, yesterday the board elected me to serve as your lead pastor.  I am honored to serve as first among equals with the pastoral team:  Pastor Randy and Melanie Solomon, Pastor Linda Warren and my husband Rich Swingle.  It is truly a privilege and a joy to work with them.  I am -- indeed we are all -- indebted to recently retired Rev. Jim Warren, whose support, courage and persistence have inspired and led us all to aspire to be all God created us to be.  Please hold the team in your prayers for increasing intimacy with the Lord, His Word and His People.  

I am especially honored to serve the Lord with our board, who have consistently and diligently sought the Lord's will and His best for you and for WCCC, as a whole.  Please hold these servants of the Lord in your prayers for strength, protection and wisdom.  

The Lord's message to us this year is to "learn His song" -- as Pastor Randy preached three weeks ago.  You can hear it again or for the first time at http://westchesterchapel.blogspot.com/ (1/2/11).  We will continue on our journey as a living picture of Biblical, Christian community by devoting ourselves to God, His Word and His People.  Along the way, we will be delighted by our increasing knowledge and intimacy with the Lord.  We will discover more about who He is and who we are in Christ.  We will learn what matters to Him and share in the joys, the sorrows and the miracles of God's work and passion in His world.

I'm delighted to go on the joyful journey with you.  Among the many things we have to look forward to:
*  Next week's baptism service.
*  A triumphant departure service at 214 Central Ave.
*  A victorious dedication service at our new space just blocks from our current location.
*  Bible studies and teachings focused on the healing ministry of Jesus and His passion for His People.
*  And more creative expressions of God's Word and His Love as we continue to grow as a community.

Thank you for your love for God and for Westchester Chapel.

May He richly bless you and keep you and grant you the joy of His Presence and Person.

In Christ's Love,

Pastor Joyce Swingle
Jeremiah 29:11

Visit http://www.westchesterchapel.org for news, service times and sermon downloads.

In that very minute!

My cab arrived the VERY MINUTE it was dispatched! I have a real sense of the Lord's presence in this day of details:

06:00 Flying out of DC (snow on the ground)

08:45 Flying out of Detroit (snow on the ground)

11: 00 Performing God of Hope (http://RichDrama.com/GodOfHope) for DVD

I'll post updates, prayer requests and reports at http://Facebook.com/RichDrama.


There was a stabbing quite near Pastor Joyce's sister's family outside of DC, where I'm staying tonight. The perpetrator is hiding in this neighborhood, so we appreciate your prayers for peace and safety.

There's snow expected tonight, and I'm flying out at 6 am for Ft. Wayne, IN, where I'll be performing God of Hope (http://RichDrama.com) for DVD. Praying for on time departures here in DC and at my connection in Detroit, where I'll have an hour layover. Also pray for our recording, which will start at 11 am.

In Christ alone,
Rich S

Applied Theatre Conference

I'll be leading a series of workshops on Sociodrama for at-risk people March 25-26, 2011, at North Greenville University, Greenville, SC.

Jacob Moreno believed that sociodrama could solve all the world's problems. I've used sociodrama with homeless and/or recovering drug addicts in Orlando, New York City and Sydney, Australia, and I've been blown away by the insights that it brings. I have seen the world's problems dealt with through sociodrama in those lives that it touched. They made decisions that transformed their lives and the lives of those they influence. I can't wait to share it at the Applied Theatre Conference!

For more information visit CITA.org/AppliedTheatreConference.

Surprise performance of God of Hope

One of the featured performers for the Secondary School Theatre Festival (http://CITA.org/SecondarySchoolTheatreFestival) was snowed out, so a professional storyteller and I were invited to share our work. I did about eight minutes from God of Hope for the 130 high school students, instructors, parents and some college reps from all over the SouthWest. Broadway performer, and former MasterWorks (http://RichDrama.com/MWF) master class instructor, Carol Jaudes (the featured performer that could attend) made a point of telling me how much she liked it. Many of the students said they enjoyed it and some said it inspired them.

Compassion in Haiti

I just got this update from my liaison at Compassion:

Today marks the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.
Compassion International was there before the earthquake and remains there to this day serving God’s children.

Please visit the link below to see the work of Compassion and feel free to download the One Year Update Report at the bottom of the page that details Compassion’s work there and the future rebuilding efforts.


Graham Cooke

Our roomies at MasterWorks just turned us on to the work of Graham Cooke.

He said that the nature of God never changes, but He's completely unpredictable. As humans our nature changes like the wind, but we're always predictable.

By connecting to the Creator, we can have a more consistent nature, and Inspired creativity!


I'm here in Boca Raton, Florida, to do a public speaking workshop with Graceworks (http://GraceworksInc.com).

We flew into the West Palm Beach Airport and had some extra time, so we drove down a stretch of Highway A-1A. Though right on the beach we couldn't see the ocean through the mansions, except for a couple of short glimpses.

We had dinner on the beach, but it was after dark, and all we could see was a bit of moonlight on the ocean.

So this morning, when I woke up an hour before my alarm I knew exactly how to spend the time: watching the sun rise over the Atlantic.

Splitting time in half

I got to do the first call to worship for the year at our church, Westchester Chapel. I happened upon Exodus 40:1-3 in my daily reading a few days ago. I shouldn't have come to it until February, but I'm glad I read it early.

This call to worship is available for download on iTunes, where you can also subscribe to our podcast. Search for "Rich and Joyce Swingle" on the iTunes Store.

Gulliver's Travels

First date of the year: Gulliver’s Travels Movie. Buyah! Great fun; super message. The kind of film that inspired me as a kid to set my sites on big things.