A Christmas Snow in the NYC area

A Christmas Snow, a new film with themes of forgiveness and reconciliation will be on four channels in December, and I got permission to offer free screenings in White Plains and Manhattan. I play the role of Claud, a French chef in an Italian restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma (RichDrama.com/AChristmasSnow). Hope you can join the fun:

December 4, 6:30pm
Screening of A Christmas Snow
Westchester Chapel
White Plains, NY
No charge, but DVDs will be available for sale.

December 22, 8pm
Screening of A Christmas Snow
Manhattan Plaza
400 W 43rd St
New York, NY
No charge
(This date is subject to change or cancelation. Check itinerary.richdrama.com before attending.)

We'll run a separate soundtrack for the blind and visually impaired at both showings. Please bring your own headphones.

The film will also be shown on several TV channels across the US.  Click here for listings.

Click here to order a copy.

Also, I'll be playing the role of Joseph in Christmas: a Twitter Reenactment (RichDrama.com/ChristmasTwitter) on December 16 starting at 7pm. Hope you can log on and experience Christmas in a whole new way!

Have a wonderful Christmas Season.

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