Clifford Miller, PhD., December 3, 1916 - October 29, 2010

I've had many wonderful mentors over the years, but I can't think of a single person who inspired more of who I am today than my Grandpa Miller.

I got nothing from him genetically. He married Grandma who lost her first husband when Mom was three months old.

When I was three years old he published his doctoral thesis and dedicated it to Ricky. He and Grandma were the only ones who ever called me that, but even when I grew older I was still Rick to him. That dedication did so much to empower me throughout my formative years.

So did his stories of life on the mission field. He taught high school at the Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, where Mom and Aunt Jeri attended for almost five years, from 1948 to 1952. He also traveled extensively through Europe. After returning from the mission field he taught history at what is now Southern Oregon State University. There he continued to jog on their track until his doctor urged him to turn to walking. Until last year he would walk an hour outside just about every day, and when his doctor asked him not to leave the building he turned to a stationary bike.

So now I perform historical plays that minister to people all over the world, and one of the protagonists is an Olympic runner.

I'm so grateful that I got to thank him for all of that about an hour before his death. My folks called from his room, so I thanked him and prayed with him, praising the Lord with him that he was trusting Jesus to cover his sins and enabling him to live forever in his presence.

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