Another foot washing

Pastor Darren Ojeda was scheduled to speak last Sunday at our church, Westchester Chapel Church of the Nazarene, and when he had to be out of town it was passed to my bride, Pastor Joyce.  I had been feeling like I wanted to share the sermon I'd prepared for MasterWorks, and Joyce was feeling I should share it, too.  When Joyce told me Sunday was open I shared with her her my desire to share the sermon, and she shouted, "Me, too!"  I preached on John 13 and followed it with a foot washing, as we had done at MasterWorks.  I was shocked to see Paul Mendolia walk in!  He was at Valley Community Church of the Nazarene when I performed Journey to the Garden.  He was one of the people who came forward to have his feet washed as a part of the play.  Sunday was the first time we've ever had a foot washing at WCCC, so it was a strong confirmation to me that we were on the right track.  Paul had been in a motor cycle accident just prior to my performance three years ago, so he came forward in a wheel chair with pins sticking out of his leg to hold it up in traction.  After the service, Paul wrote our pastors the following note, which he's agreed to share.  Little did I know all that our foot washing would be confirming for him!

Date:   August 1, 2010 1:47:03 PM EDT
Subject:   my first visit

Pastor Warren:

Today was my first visit to Westchester Chapel. Upon entering your fine church I immediately felt comfortable. The Holy Spirit moved me for the past week to make sure I got there and all I can say is that I regret not having gotten there sooner. To see you and Rich Swingle once again just made me feel like I had been there for some time. I assure you that I am already looking forward to next Sunday.

I have been away from church since I have had to move to the Bronx more than three years ago to take care of my mother on a full-time basis. To say the least my world has become very small and I knew that it was time to get back to worship.

To be there on the day that feet were being washed, for me, I am certain, that the Holy Spirit got me there for that reason as it was Rich who washed my feet more that 3 years ago at Valley Community. It humbled me to tears to know that although I may have turned away from God at times He never left me for one second.

The music and worship was so uplifting. I cannot say enough about the joy that I felt and still feel from having visited today.

Thank you,
Paul Mendolia

After the foot washing three years ago Paul reported that he experienced quick healing in his leg.  During the foot washing on Sunday he made sure that I poured water over the scars left from the pins.  I'm praying for further healing in every part of Paul!

You can listen to the sermon here: Finding Our Identity in the Upper Room

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