Tracking the miracles

Eventually the Facebook thread will submerge, so here's the backward chronology of the prayer requests and answers for tonight's performance...

Rich Swingle: I forgot to report another miracle: there was no slow
traffic...through Chicago...on a stormy rush hour.
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Bruce W: With God, the absolutely IMpossible is possible!
about an hour ago ·

Pamela K: wonderful news!!
about an hour ago ·

Rich Swingle: Tonight's performance started on time! Thanks for your prayers!
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David W: Praise God!
about an hour ago ·

Chris HP: AMEN!
20 minutes ago ·

Rich Swingle: Just touched down in Chicago. The volunteers that got off opened a seat near the front. I'll warm up for the play en route to the baggage claim. Pray my costume and props beat me there and that my ride's out front.
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Lois W: Still praying.
4 hours ago ·

Rich Swingle: Finally a forth volunteer! We should take off soon! Praying for really strong headwinds for tonight's 7pm CST performance.
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Claude C: Praying!!!
4 hours ago ·

Rich Swingle: They may have to remove 4 more people! Pray for volunteers so I
can get to my 7pm CST performance!
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Chris HP Poppelreiter: I know God is really going to use your performance tonight in Chicago - 'cause Satan is trying really hard to keep you from getting there. Praying that HE will be glorified through you no matter what happens!
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Rich Swingle: We were overweight, and they were going to force off the last person who checked in, and that might have been me. Someone volunteered to take a later flight. PTL!!!
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Carla S awesome!
7 hours ago ·

Rich Swingle: Finally boarded. Praying for a strong headwind to Chicago for tonight's 7pm performance, someone up front willing to switch with me for the last row on the plane, and for my bag and ride to be waiting for me!
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David W: Go Rich! We are praying.
7 hours ago ·

John F: excellent -- PTL...
4 hours ago ·

Rich Swingle: The upload of my Off-Broadway play can't be uploaded before I take off. At this point I may be reciting the play by phone in the car if we don't land on time!
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Kristina R: Praying!
7 hours ago ·

Rich Swingle: I heard from the venue, and they cannot change my start or stop time for Beyond the Chariots. I'm going to upload the Off-Broadway performance in case I'm not there and ready to go. I'll interrupt the DVD with the live performance if need be.
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Lois W: God knew about all of this yesterday. He is still in control and we are all praying for you.
9 hours ago ·

Rich Swingle: My flight to Chicago, where I'm performing tonight was just cancelled.
The guy behind me just heard on his phone that the next available flight is tomorrow morning, but after that I was rebooked on a flight this afternoon!!! It will get me in an hour, 45 min. before my performance, and I usually like 2 hours to set up,...
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Chuck N: I made it! Time to spare! Hoping you do too! Thanks for your prayers Rich and Chris!
5 hours ago ·

Blandina RO: He works everything for your good, you'll see!!!
2 hours ago ·

Rich Swingle: Thanks so much for all your prayers for tonight's ON TIME performance!!! I was uploading them from my phone all day, but I wanted to conserve batteries, so I'm just logging on now to see all of your prayers and supportive wishes! Thanks so much for being a part of my team today. Here's the report:
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