Miracle after miracle

My flight was canceled today when Chicago O'Hare Airport was shut down due to thunderstorms. The guy behind me in line was on his cell and discovered that the next available seats were on a flight tomorrow morning. You can follow the blow by blow account of miracle after miracle on www.Facebook.com/RichSwingle. I did miraculously get there with very little time to spare, and I changed in the car and what I allow two hours to set up was done in 15. I even had 10 minutes to warm-up and pray...well I've been doing that all day. Now I'm praising!!!

After the performance I told them about all the miracles and then said, "God really wanted at least one of you to hear this story tonight: assume it's you, and ask the Lord what He wants you to take from it."

Thanks so much to those of you that were praying! Now pray that He'll seal the work He wants done!

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Unknown said...

Rich, PTL! He answered many prayers in your behalf this day. So glad you made it to the College Church on time. Really liked your comment to the audience that God must have wanted at least one of you to see the play .... presume it was you. Roger. Out