Augustine College

One of our MasterWorks students, Patrick Moynihan was accepted at the University of Southern California's acting program, but he was able to get a one-year deferment so he can attend Augustine College in Ottawa, Canada. I think the school is a profoundly great idea. Here's what their brochure says:

Recent American studies have found that the majority of young people raised as Christians lose their faith at college. But students intellectually prepared to engage the culture of our day in reasoned and confident argument run counter to that trend. In the years since their graduation, our students have remained solidly Christian to a degree far above the norm.

The school provides an 8-month intensive preparing Christians to enter secular colleges and universities well-prepared to face the skepticism and even atheism that awaits.

Patrick told me he doesn't think he would stray from his faith at college, but he wants to do what he can to ensure that. Brilliant!

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