Wednesday, May 12, 2010

For the Glory

I played the role of Coach Sean Ryan in the film For the Glory. You can order a copy at or on digital download on

We also had several actors from the MasterWorks Theatre Program taking part, including Danny Cornett, who played the best friend of the protagonist.

For The Glory teaser from For The Glory on Vimeo.

Here's an interview with Kurt Kuykendall, who's story is featured in the film. I play Kurt's college soccer coach, Sean Ryan. There's also a scene from the film in this clip.

People had great things to say about it after it was screened at the Gideon Film Festival...

Here's a great interview with producer, Chris Rogers. He starts talking about the film just after 6 minutes into this interview. 

More of my films are coming out soon. Be sure you're getting updates so you won't miss the announcements:

For more on the film visit


Irene said...

Yay!!! :D

Joy Freschly said...

Hey, there are TWO faces I know in this film! Cool. =)

Rich and Joyce Swingle said...

Also Danny's sister-in-law, two nieces (Audrey and Ashlee) and Hannah S. from MWF were in it!

Nathan said...

This is really awesome!

Rich Swingle said...

Nathan, have you seen the film yet? I hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

"I don't play those kind of games! There's the door!" Gold. If you hit that peak performance even a few times in your career it's a happy thing. You were radiating the part so perfectly you caused an honest performance in your scene partner, too. I could watch that short moment multiple times and enjoy it.
--Justin Lewis
Actor: Remember, Mayflower II, Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods, My Grandpa Detective

Anonymous said...

This is THE MOST inspiring film I have ever seen. There were a lot of obstacles and pressures to doubt and give up in this young man's life, but he didn't. His story is incredibly encouraging to me. I'll keep persisting in faith for what God is putting before me. I am greatful to all who brought his story to screen.