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Rich plays Olympic champion Eric Liddell as he runs his greatest race in war-torn China. 

Watch this one-man play performed at the Singapore Expo now:

61 min

Rich plays a science teacher imposing atheism on his class.

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17 min

Rich plays Tom in this post-apocalyptic short film.

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Film: 17 min
Behind the Scenes: 5 min

Rich was a consultant for this short film.

You can watch it now:

14 min

Rich does 20 voices in six The Beginners Bible videos.

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Rich plays Trevor the Treasure Seeker in this series created for the children of Westchester Chapel.

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Episodes range from 5-8 min.

In this short film Rich plays the role of a father who has lost touch with his daughter. Joyce served on crew and played the wife of Rich's character offscreen in a sociodrama to help their 22nd screen child prepare for an emotional scene.

Filmed in January 2018.


Rich is playing Charles, who interviews the lead character throughout the film about his life, which is very much worth living.

Filmed in May 2018.


Unknown said...

Have you seen your John Woolman in
Quakers the Quiet Revolutionaries
Dick Nurse
848 391 8642

Rich Swingle said...

I have! So glad I got to be a part of it, and I loved that you had the Evangelical Quaker perspective represented well.

Rich Swingle said...

Praying it inspires many!