Danny's first day on set

It's been my dream and prayer that we'd be able to funnel MasterWorks theatre (www.RichDrama.com/MWF) students into professional projects. With For the Glory (www.RichDrama.com/ForTheGlory) the dream is coming true and the prayer is being answered!

When I found out about For the Glory I invited all of our students and alumni to audition. There are several of us connected to MasterWorks that have been cast:

I direct the MasterWorks theatre program, and I'm playing Coach Sean Ryan.

Danny Cornett is attending MasterWorks for the third time this summer, starting in about a month. He was cast as Robby, the life-long friend of the main character, the future Olympic--then pro--soccer player, Kurt Kuykendall (www.Blog.RichDrama.com 5/15).

Alistair Sewell is the brother of two MasterWorks theatre alum, Anna and Lydia. Though Alistair's not old enough for the program--yet--he played the role of Wally Webb in our production of Our Town last year. He's playing Young Robby.

Danny's neice, Audrey Cornett, is coming back for her second season of Masterworks. She and her younger sister Ashley (a future MasterWorks student, I hope) will be playing cheerleaders next week.

Adina Kory, who attended the theatre program in '07 and was in the MasterWorks dance program before that, will fly in from Israel for a wedding in time to be a soccer fan in the film.

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Rich Swingle said...

Another actor who took part in For the Glory was Hannah Sachs, who became a MasterWorks theatre student the next month.