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Scripture and church history are filled with art and story, and over the years I've seen those stories inspire, bring hope, salvations and re-dedications when told dramatically. And they're memorable. My wife got her MA in counseling, and she learned that memory is linked to emotions. I recently had someone tell me they remembered something I'd performed years and years ago.

All that from something that's fun and so easy to invite a friend to attend!

I've been invited to perform in Singapore during the inaugural Youth Olympics this August, and I'd love to offer one of my one-man plays while I'm in the region. I can't get to Singapore until 17 August, the second week of the Olympics, but I can linger after they close on the 26th. After that I'd love to offer performances in other Asian nations.

I perform nine different one-man plays with themes from Scripture or church history (RichDrama.com). On this trip the plays I can offer are:

Big Fish Little Worm (RichDrama.com/BigFishLittleWorm), which tells the stories of Jonah, Gideon, Jeremiah and Lazarus, with my own story of having grown up on a farm near Medford, OR, and having performed now in 19 nations...


Beyond the Chariots (RichDrama.com/BeyondtheChariots), takes off from where the four-time Academy Award winning film Chariots Of Fire leaves off, telling how Eric Liddell left Olympic glory behind to serve as a missionary, teacher and track coach in war-torn China. The play was performed in Vancouver during the Winter Olympics, Beijing during the last Summer Olympics, Off-Broadway, Toronto, Hong Kong three different years, and Shanghai.  It has translation slides in Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean and Spanish.


A workshop (RichDrama.com/Workshops). For the past five summers I've directed the theatre program at the MasterWorks Festival, where I've taught alongside Broadway and Hollywood professionals (RichDrama.com/MWF). This summer I'll be co-directing The Miracle Worker with John Kirby, who has been the acting coach for Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Word of Promise Audio Bible, and on most of Jim Caviezel's films. I would love to offer an acting workshop in conjunction with a play or on its own.

To set something up contact Associates and Savidge (Savidge.com/contact.htm)

I hope to partner with you in ministry soon.

filled with Hope,

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