Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Christmas Snow now available

I played Claud, a French chef in an Italian restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the film A Christmas Snow.

You can see it on TV throughout the Christmas Season.

Or click here to order a DVD.

After screening A Christmas Snow at our church, Westchester Chapel, there were so many positive comments. One woman said she thought it would just be a sweet little Christmas film, but didn't expect it to be so powerful. Another woman went through the cast list saying she identified with so many of the characters for very specific reasons. But the one that really blew me away was a man who shared that his wife asked him to leave, and after he honored her request and moved out, she told their daughters that he had abandoned them. He's giving copies of A Christmas Snow to both of his girls and--as the film inspires--hopes to reconcile with them this Christmas.

These are my closing remarks after the screening...

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This was an interview I did on the set with director, Tracy Trost...

I had a phenomenal time with cast mates Craig Walters (Martin) and Catherine Mary Stewart (Kathleen).


Rich and Joyce Swingle said...

Tulsa World: Tulsa-made movie premieres Friday

Roxanne Squires said...

Just watched A Christmas Snow with Eric and Leilani and enjoyed your performance as Claude, but thought you deserved more lines!

Ian Evans said...


Just watched the YouTube trailer and I can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

Rich Swingle... I just now realized that I saw you on TV the other night...and did not even realize it was you.

Although I am not that familiar with who you are...I have seen you in the trailer for The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah. Just now...I was watching your reel... (after reading your eCard) and was so surprised when a scene from A Christmas Snow popped up. My mouth dropped open as I remembered watching that movie just the other night...Christmas Eve I believe it was...and at the time I watched it...I did not realize that Claud was played by the same actor (you) that I had seen in that trailer for The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah. What a delightful surprise. I think you are a very talented actor sir.
—Royce Henry
actor: Best Friends Eternally, Best Friends Recycled, Romans XIII

Rich Swingle said...

Thanks so much, everyone!

Rich Swingle said...

Muse Watson won Best Actor at the Trail Dance Film Festival for his role as Sam.